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    Anybody heard of walker controls and if so how's their reputation for hardware, software, and tech support? Thanks a head of time for any replys.

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    WALKER was the company behind HONEYWELL CUSTODIAN control package.

    Lots of installations looking for good service.

    They have updated most of the product line and added new items over the past few years.

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    Walker controls. I saw them at ASHREA for a few years in a row but I didn't see them last year. Al Walker was one of a group of guys that split and started Delta, Walker, Reliable and one other company I think. They're all over in the Victoria - Vancouver area. We looked at their product but didn't see alot of substance behind it, if you know what I mean. They had the Windows explorer front end but you couldn't do very much with it.

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    The general purpose controllers are solid and reliable. They use GCL, "General Control Language" rather than block programming. (Similar to Delta)

    The general purpose controllers are still single layer, and so are usually repairable - a big advantage for contractors and building owners.

    They provide a major bang for the buck, and are particularly competitive on any application that requires a lot of analogue outputs.

    They are backward compatible with the Honeywell Custodian controllers going back to Day One.

    All their inputs are universal type, which is another advantage.

    The low performance network is a Walker invention, but published, 9600 baud and really solid.

    The next level network runs at 38000 baud. The highway traffic can be programmed. This means that really critical information can be transmitted almost instantaneously across the system upon a Change in State.

    The highest level is Ethernet

    BACnet/IP and Modbus and email are supported.

    Tech service to owners is by the local distributer. Tech service to distributers is handled personally by the same individuals who do the ongoing development.

    The front end runs within Microsoft Explorer. I have personnally programmed more than 100 systems and can do pretty much anything with it, including custom animations and custom backgrounds in addition to the usual trends and alarms that you would expect.

    Walker controls are distributed and serviced in Ontario by Empire Controls Limited and in Quebec by NSW. There is representation in the other provinces and parts of the USA. Most of the distributers are ex Honeywell.

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