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    Talking totally agree

    totally agree w you., this level of ac work is something special i think.,and if all it was was to just read and fix,. thats not really fair to someone who has been in the field fo 30 + years.,.,most mechanics have worked for the factory for some period of time and that helps the learining process a little easier., always have someone to call on for an answer or to bail them out., the real pressure comes when there is no one to call., only urself.,.,now that is scary., there is soo much literature on these machines, have to be fimualr w books, refrigeration cycle., oil system., controls., modules., sensors.,ect., holy cow., and that doesnt include summitt.,., me personally i dont have anyone to call on ., and if i cant fix it i have to call factory and there goes my lively hood., and this site is termendous,. not because it tells me exactly how to fix a problem but because the threads are full of info if one knows how to understand what is being explained., i am much appreciated for the info i receive from reading., without reading i would have nothing., but it still takes years and years of reading to b really good.,

    The chief is doing a burn because they just called you out against the control organization wishes.
    not sure what this means?
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    The "Rest of the story"

    As the great Paul Harvey used to say. The chief Engineer had listened to the assistant chief's advice and called me out rather then wait on the factory rep to come out on the following Monday. The control tech, from the same corporation, different division said that was something that was against the rules of their contract. While I was trying to get the big picture in mind, having never been to this huge site before. Like Oddball used to say in Kelley's Hero's "I'm feeling a lot of negative vibes here". So the Chief was just about to throw up his hands and send me and my friend (the assistant chief) down the road together. That's when I noticed neither chiller had an "enable signal" from the D/O module of the controller even though there was a command on the front end. A little re-wire and the assistant chief starts looking like the genius that she is. And now you know the rest of the story..... Thank You Paul Harvey and Good Day.-GEO
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