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    Why women bake and men BBQ.

    I've always considered myself a pretty good and inventive cook. This year I had a lot of green tomatoes left at the end of the season. I don't like fried green tomatoes. So I get on the Interestingnet and look for a recipe where I could use up these greenies.

    Came across a recipe called "Green tomato cake with Rum frosting." Wow this sounds good, I'll make it and take to work and them boys will eat it.

    The wife and I are sitting in the kitchen yesterday watching football. I annouce that I am going to bake a cake. She gives me the high eyebrow look. Then I discovered that when you are baking you have to really pay attention. It is hard to watch football, drink beer AND follow a recipe. You can't just bake a cake until it is done. You have to TIME it. So percise you have to be.

    The finished project looked pretty good. The frosting looked a little watery but this morning it kinda set up. When I got it to work the whole thing was mushy. It ain't like a cake its more like pudding. Certainly it is not worth the calories to eat it. The whole thing will probably end up in the dumpster by noon time. Next year I'll just chuck the left over green tomatoes in the dumpster first before I waste all that time.

    Ladies that bake, my hat is off to you. From now on I'll stick to having a beer in one hand and a basting brush in the other.

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    Don't let out the man secrets. We will have to ban you from the grill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gevans View Post
    Don't let out the man secrets. We will have to ban you from the grill!
    Don't you dare throw them Greene's away !! Grill em
    All you have to do is cut them about 1/2 inch thick, spray them with some light oil like Pam and grill them on low heat till brown darn veggies on the planet
    You don't have to ASK

    What I'm Against...

    If you know what

    I'm For...

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    I like to pickle my green tomatoes!

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