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    Just cleaned my drier vent the other day. Works much better now wonder why? Bought the house last year quess the prev. H. O. never thought to have it cleaned

    Here is a pic of the brush I used works great.
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    good lord, you could make a 3 piece suit with that pile of fuzz.

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    I just cleaned out some flex and pipe at a house I was working at. I was told to "just add onto whats already there and vent it outside". After looking inside there was no way I could do that. 4" pipe had roughly 1.5" open space on the top, and in the flex (approx 3') I pulled a gallon of lint out.

    Boss wasn't happy when I sold an extra, putting in all new dryer vent, but the customer was more than happy to pay the extra fee and it didn't take long at all.

    Makes ya wonder how more fires aren't started because of this huh?

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    Laundry room in the middle of the house.

    A local builder figured out how to avoid the expense of properly venting the clothes dryer from the middle of the house.
    He uses 2" square pvc downspout and vents it right into the attic.
    Clever guy.
    I know of at least twenty done like this.
    Brand new $200,000 houses. (medium/high income for this area)
    All have problems with long drying times, short element life, EXTREME lint buildup in the attic.
    It's a small town, with NO inspector or permits.

    I know of this because a close friend bought one of these fine homes. He asked me to help, after the 3rd element failed in less than a year.
    The wall will have to be furred out to accept a 4" metal pipe.
    Nothing can be done about the vertical rise problem. In addition to the elbow into the wall and the 10 foot rise needed to get it into the attic, it will need another ten to twelve feet to get through the roof, or an elbow and 30 feet to the eave.
    According to the installation guide, this exceeds the recommended length. http://www.geappliances.com/geac/own_instl/
    Lint will ALWAYS collect in the pipe behind the dryer.
    He had planned to retire into this house, but now feels forced to move. Also to disclose this information to any prospective buyer.
    All because somebody had the bright idea of putting the laundry in the middle of the house, plus saving about twenty bucks in venting material.

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    a friend of mine who is an asistant chief at a local fire department told me that dryer fires are one of the most comon causes of house fires

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    ps check out slicks post on the pride pics 2 grand aire units

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    I do mine with a hose attachement on the vacuum, maybe every year or so. When it takes forever to dry clothes or ya have to run them through several cycles, time to clean out the crap.
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    Dryer venting should be non-combustible smooth walled with any male ends pointing away from the appliance and no Zip screws--use foil tape. Many Mfrs. will void their warranty if vinyl flex is used. There are about 16K reported dryer vent fires per yr. and that is increasing. Dryers should be vented completly to the outdoors. Those attics will lose R value and maybe grow goobers. When venting, make broad radius bends.

    To clean dryer vents, pull the appliance and connect a vacuum exhaust or leaf blower. Then, working from the termination, run a dryer vent snake powered by a cordless screwgun. You'll get showered with fluff. Some guys use mesh collection bags. I know some that use compressed air and "skipper" nozzles. They can do over 40 appartments in one day.

    Most chimney sweeps I know that perform this service charge btw $40-100.00 for the 5 minute job. They also get contracts at commercial laundry facilities. VEry lucrative. Many will do before and after tests with anemometers to demonstrate the improved airflow.

    The Chimney Safety Inst. of America has a dryer vent certification. I recommed just getting the manual. Check out http://www.CSIA.org.


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    Smile in wall duct clean out

    have a slab on grade house with dryer venting up wall cavaty ,through roof. wrap towel around weed blower end , let rip [from inside out , hopefully] learned this from a sears guy, works great!!!!

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