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Thread: Ticked Off!!!!

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    OK, so my dryer broke down, no big deal.Been working on the other side of town.So I send my wife to the supply house to get the parts.She forgets to tell them whos shes getting it for so they charge a ridiculusly high price.I can deal with that.However they charged her for an extended warrenty on both parts without even asking her!!!! Just did it! then told her oh, see you got a warrenty with those! extended Warrenty on stupid Glide kit?

    Should I go in there an raise hell?Really ticked about the warrenty thing!very unethical and frankly I am surprised they did that.

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    I know exactly how you feel. I was mad too today, because I actually had to get up and work.

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    Id go in and talk NICELY to them about getting a partial refund first and then if they say bite me I turn their gas meter off as I left (dont loose your cool be nice its more fun this way) - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Just call them and splain it to them, they should fix it, if not, quit going there.
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    Yea, we all sell women what we think they need.

    If they're not sure, even Irishmissle.
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    be nice if they give you trouble find a different supply house and tale them that u found a different one

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    I'd be nice first, then get pissed.
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