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    Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0 is coming January 6, 2005
    The Professional version is $430.00

    Does any one have the current full version of the Acrobat (not just the free reader download)? As it is a big investment, I am interested in how others like in and what all it can be used for. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    I have full version of 5.0. If you don't make mass distributed documents, it's not worth it. I do a lot of email distribution of documents that I don't want altered. It is great for me. If you're not making electronic documents, then it's not really worth it.

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    I use 5.0 and 6.0, 5.0 works more reliably, probably the one feature I would say pays for it is the distiller virtual printer. I use this to create .pdf invoices, which I email to customers- that is the one thing which has totally changed receivables- I cannot recommend it enough. With this method, I can drop the invoice on the user/orderer's desk and they can approve it and email to their payables people, like instant delivery. All this started with the anthrax scare, and then has gone all over since. Prior to this, I would have to use the intuit server and the invoices would print like cr*p, different for each user, and the info goes through an outside server. But to get back to your ? , I wish they had a program with reader, distiller, and photoeditor only- that I would pay $300 for. I understand that M$ word has added a pdf editor(?), but I don't know if you can create them yet.

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    I use a program called PDFCreator it basically prints to a PDF. It won't edit them though. It will install a printer that you can pick from the print dialog box. Just edit your document in word or whatever and then print. It also handles large formats. It's free too.

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    I have 5.0, and intend to upgrade to 7.0 after it's been out for a few months.

    Like jrbenny said, unless you need to make edocs, which I do, (All my billing is .pdf'd) it's not worth it. There are a bunch of really cheap programs that will make pdfs for occaisional users.

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