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    Do any of you "older than me" people remember watching wresting back in the late 60's. Remember how the one that they chose to be the loser would, in the last round, go down on his knees, shake his head and body in fear, and beg for mercy; he would also clasps his hands together in front of his face as if praying. Sure wrestling is real (not!). Although any of them could squish me, the best actors move on to bigger carriers as did the Hulk, and Rock. Some even become Governors.

    Tell me something else. Also in that time period, before the green screen was used for the special weather report effect, they use something like a free standing green felt board with a map of the USA on one side and your local state or area on the other side. On this board the weather reporter would stick the "H"s for high, L's and sticker of rain clouds, etc. Ok, if you are old enough you remember that. But my question is: Wasn't it a "weather girl" sometimes wearing a bathing suit (single piece of course) or was that just something my teenage mind made up?

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    It was Stormy Rottman in Colorado.
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    They still do the weather against a blank backdrop, as far as weather girls, that is a local thing.
    Studio Wrestling was huge here in the 60's, Bruno Samartino from here in Pittsburgh was the world champ for years.
    It was great to watch. We had an old lady fan here whose name was Ringside Rosie, she was a hoot.
    Why is there no more local programming? Think how many local shows there used to be, and weren't they fun?
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    You bunch of old goats.

    In my day it was "Dukes of Hazzard". Wrestling was cool, with Hulk Hogan, Sgt.Slaughter, Super Fly Jimmy Snooka, and what was that wild guys name with the sunglasses??

    My son said the other day Hulk Hogan is supposed to come back.

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    Yep, we use to watch Georgeous George or something like that. He would walk down the isle with all his women and brush his blonde hair when he got in the ring. Then there was a small guy who used a lot of really neat moves and use to win a lot of rounds also. I thought all of this was real back then. I think some of it was.

    Taking an airplane trip and the last minute a team of wrestlers got on. The mouth of the South sat next to me and he was a pretty nice guy. Just doing business like all the rest of us normal people.

    I'm fairly big but when his guys got on the plane it tilted to one side. What a bunch of monsters, so to speak.

    In Washington DC we had local channels with wrestling every Friday night. We would all get together and watch it on black and white TV cause that's all there was. A local used car dealer would do the commercials and some of his cars would break down during the live commercial. It was pretty funny seeing guys pushing the steaming car off the camera after he got finished telling how great the car was.

    What do you mean wrestling ain't real!
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    When I was stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX, we used to go to the local wrestling matches and sit way in the back and watch the crowd. There was more entertainment and reality in that than there was in the match in the ring.

    Weatherman, when I was a kid, wasn't any female. It was Charlie Hall in Charleston, SC, on WCSC, channel 5.
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    The wrestler Jimmie heart?, and no weather girls around here.

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    i remember bruno samartino, has broken every bone in his body at one time or another, as i recall
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    Personally I enjoyed american band stand as they did allot of close ups of the girls dancing i liked the dukes of hazzard and Charlies angles too - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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