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    So where are all the good guys that JCI scrapped going? Is there one particular company snatching these guys up and going after the business JCI is offering up? Trane always seemed interested in taking more money out of the JCI coffers.

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    Smaller upstart Companies

    In my area they tend to be ignoring smaller/ less profitable customers (K-12)etc, seem to be willing to sacrafice them for their new strategies, (in which they have none really) They say they have this new lean mean market. where is it? And whos going to do the first class work they will demand if they do get it? Since all the top tier field people have been let go? The smaller/ newer thinking companies are taking them and feeding well now, on what JCI thinks is scraps left over. To have scraps you must first have dinner ehh? Big Blue is slowly starting to starve. But dont know it. Guess you can call them belemic and in denial.

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    Originally posted by d big 1
    I hear many people are dropping JCI for this reason. They get scared when faces change. Some told me they were switching or trying to switch to Automated Logic because the system is easier to understand and equipment was better.
    Sometimes I see things and just have to laugh a little.

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    Ya..JCI hired guys for $12-14 /hr with no experience
    and got rid of mid-top notch install techs.
    They feel they could get away with teaching these guys computers and without HVAC experience most of these guys don't have a glue what they are doing. Just like Monkeys
    teach them to push a button but have no idea WHY???

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