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    Trane HP banging noise on shut off

    I have a trane XE1000 HP (Model #TWR0366100A3) that's been making a shut off banging noise for many years and the past HVAC guys simply said it was the compressor moving when it shuts off. A new HVAC guy came yesterday for maintenance and noticed the loud bang noise on shut off and says its the fan blade mount with 1/8" play in it when it starts and stops. I told him it's been doing the same noise for 6-7 years with no problems but he said fan could be it and come loose.
    After he left I noticed the compressor seems to bounce around on the its mounts when I wiggle the HP unit. I thought the mounts and compressor should be solid to the floor but seems to be on flexible rubber feet allowing for this movement.
    Now, is this normal for a flexible mounting like this for the compressor and do you agree with the possible fan issue?
    Could it be the compressor pipes hitting as the unit moves on shut down and start up? I do not want to unnecessarily replace the fan blade for $when that is not the real issue.

    Any immediate advice is appreciated!

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    compressors are on rubber mounts to absorb vibration (like motor mounts in a car)

    the fan thing has me confused. is it the motor mount (motor to cabinet) or the fan blases that have the wiggle? (1/8 of play in fan blades seems very unlikely)

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    Trane compressors do make a thunking noise if moved or if they move themselves. Shake the unit and see if you hear it. They aren't rigidly mounted, should be a little play for vibration deadening purposes. Hard to say on the blade without seeing it. See if you hear the comp noise.

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    The compressor is mounted on rubber feet so it can move.

    may or may not be the fan. Would have to be there to know.
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    had a problem with the same unit at the beginning of this year. txv on id and od units. turned out to be about 3-4lbs overchared. when the unit cut off it rattled the indoor unit extremely. thought it was a ghost at first. have a pro check for correct charge on it. this was also happening in the heating season i believe

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    Using my psychic AC Tech. abilities I am seeing in my minds eye that you have a Trane M # TWR036611A3. Heat pump. (kidding) No idea.... If it is the comp. banging around it would produce a comp. banging around noise. If it is a fan blade hitting something noise it would make that noise. Let the Tech. diagnose and repair.

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