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Thread: KMC Controls?

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    Anyone know anything about them? Hardware/ Software Good/Bad...etc

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    we do alot with the Krueter line and it DOES work.

    programming platform is control basic and is very versitile.

    it has its little quirks like most systems do.

    hardware is price competitive

    if you have seen reliable controls I believe that they used to make the Krueter multinet controller and the two systems are similar.


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    I have several of them in and they are working great, the software is like anyone elses has its quirks but usually works fine. It has canned programming and you can customize almost any program to fit your individual needs.

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    Is there any way to purchase the wincontrol program for KMC? the factory will not sell it They told me they leave it up to the locals to decide to sell it or not.

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    KMC / RELIABLE use to cross produce equipment for each other. They parted ways about 5 years ago.

    KMC does some strange things with this LOCAL REP mentality. Our LOCAL DDC REP is the POSTER BOY for giving control contractors a bum rap. Low balls the job , installation is messy but he HOOKS the customer for BIG $ for service and basically finishing the jobb as it should have been done intialy .

    If your looking to REP someone checkout RELIABLE as well as KMC

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    Do a search on the internet. A year ago I was in need of an interface device, 5557 or something like that. All local reps wanted anywhere from $235 to $350. Found one brand new for $125. Seemed pretty reasonable to me. Cant recall who or where the rep was though. Look around, you will find what you want.

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