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    its great to have a distributor right down the road from you.its NOT great that they NEVER have the parts i need in stock!

    i have been there for a simple ignitor, and told out of stock(was told i'd be contacted when one arrived, to do a warranty claim...still havent gotten that call, nor is it there yet.), then, i went there for an aux limit on friday, NONE in stock, had to "overnight it" still dont have that. THEN, today, i was forced to leave a h.o. with no heat, because they dont, or cant stock a circuit board.

    guess i'll just be making a trip over an hour first thing in the morning for a circuit board. i hate that crap.

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    Are you a goodman dealer?

    Why don't you stock them? I have 28 ignition controlls in stock and theres at least 40 ignitors in stock for various brands from universals, to Goomans [which fit alot of furnaces], to smart valves, nitride upgrade kits, lots of kinds. I don't believe in customers going without heat for a night and I charge a bunch to keep this all in stock.
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    I stock most of what I need, too.

    I am exceptionally handsome, though, so I generally get fast service. Maybe Derrick looks like the leaving end of a monkey's butt???????????

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    i do look like a monkeys ass, but only because i left him without heat. see, i usually do the installs, and drive the install truck...i was thrown into a stripped service truck, and am trying to stock it as i go, but, as i say, its awefully hard to stock something when the dist doesnt have them!

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    Maybe you need to find a dist who WILL be on your team.

    Mfrs are expecting US to join THEIR teams.

    We sell it, we install it, we service it .... they need to enable us so we can maintain our customers. Otherwise, who is going to buy the mfr's stuff? Martians? Little green men?

    They need to join us. Even though we dont yet have "a team". They still need to join "us".

    just my 2 cents worht.

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    my whole thing is, these units arent even 5 years old im trying to get parts for, i would think they can have a few parts laying around at all times, considering the high number of units sold.

    VERY, VERY frustrating when a simple, COMMON replacement part is an hour away, and i have other calls to go on.

    *btw, i am not an owner, so i dont control stock, i am a mere tech trying to make a living, catching gruff from homeowners because my dist. doesnt have anything for me to work with.

    signed, still mad in maryland

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    I hate going to the supply house. I know some guys who loved it though cause they would bill out the time to get it.
    My philosophy was i will have it on the truck and just mark up the item the same amount of time you waste driving there to get it and bill out for. Then either I have time to do another call or I am home an hour earlier with my kids.

    In everything I do I look for ways to shorten time whether it be stock, a better more efficient tool,etc. I even have different tool setups one bucket for service, one for installs and compressor changeouts and there are a lot of the same tools in both but it saves me time that way than going though one overloaded tool box or bucket looking for "mr. goodwrench" at the bottom of it.
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    Agreed with everyone else, start stocking ignitors, and 1-2 control boards. Theyre not too expensive for you and it's nice to wrap that up in 1 call. Is your dist. Johnstone? I see they've got a branch in Annapolis-I don't know geography of MD that well. They do goodman parts.

    And I started leaving a spare ignitor onsite for the boondocks installs. Just leave it in the area of the furnace - labeled spare ignitor- dated- do not discard. That has saved my a$$ b4.

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    Derrick! You are in Baltimore! What Goodman distributor are you going to that doesn't have an ignitor? Goodman distribution in Golden Ring and in Columbia are full stocked distributors.
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