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    As I see it one of the biggest problems this industry faces is the ignorance of the customers. The customers don’t know the difference between a properly designed and professionally installed system and a hack job. More often than not they select a contractor base on price and assume all contractors will provide equally functional systems. If the customers were more informed when soliciting bids then the hacks would have to meet the same standards as the pros. I would suggest the industry develop a video explaining to the customer what makes a good system. The video should provide the information a customer would need to ask the right questions and make informed decisions.

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    there is such a thing as an overeducated customer, ever dealt with an engineer ?
    i wanted to put a picture here

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    Originally posted by tlcartman
    there is such a thing as an overeducated customer, ever dealt with an engineer ?
    LMAO I so want to say something about engineers...but it's Christmas and since they are reworking the E=MC squared thing trying to figure out how Santa's body mass fits thru chimneys and how he can go around the world with reindeers that don't even fly at the speed of sound I will be nice.

    Although a simple solution would be to have engineers design less ignorant customers....on second thought that would be a nightmare not a solution.

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