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    Charlie Chaplin Movie Cell Phone

    watch the person in the background....
    It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, for we are in deep crap.

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    It is a neat piece. Some of the other sites I visit speculate on radios or a hearing aid for the time. I didn't think the were portable ones at that time but apparently there were.

    Other speculations include "just a generic crazy man/woman person talking to themselves."

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    Another neat one from a while back.

    Time traveling hipster/groover dude.

    A quote from the comments

    "I think his point there is that we have already lived through the small transistor radio era and, presumably, a time traveler would be from the the future and therefore would not use anachronistic technology except for direct communications purposes.

    That said, this whole thing reminds me of the 1941 time traveler photo. Sure, the guy looks out of place, but when one looks a bit more closely, one realizes that it's just a coincidence that he happens to resemble someone we'd recognize from a more modern age. All of his clothes and gear are actually appropriate to the time the picture was taken in 1941, and I'm betting that whatever the individual in this video is holding is also appropriate to 1928.

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