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    Good luck of the big lift tomorrow Benn. I sure don't envy you guys doing that in such cold weather though.

    The forecast calls for -2ºF at 7AM.

    Of course it's New England, so if it were 30ºF, it would have to be snowing.

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    Why such a short little curb?

    Whats that thing? About 3" tall? Don't it snow there? And why do you have a popcycle stick leanin up against the curb? Lunch just get over?
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    Actually Jack, the part of the curb that you see is just the duct section. If you look to the right of the picture you'll see a little silver color stand which they call a pedalstele. That is what the compressor section sets on. That is a 14" curb but the venter motor on this big mother will blow any snow off the roof.

    Mary Lou has the divers cell phone number so she has been tracking him all the way from Tennesee. No wonder why she always knows when I am at the Elks Lodge. Anyway he is in Albany NY which is 45 miles away if I was driving. He can't come over the State line until tomorrow. (Permit issues). Anyway he should be here in plenty of time for the Noontime lift.

    Weatherwise -2°F ain't bad if the wind isn't blowing down from Canada. Which it isn't suppose to be. It is suppose to get to 28°F by the end of the day. Then continue to get warmer while we get things hooked up. Also no snow is in the forecast.

    Can you tell I am nerveous? Good thing the Patriots are playing tonight to take my mind of things.

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