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    I have several .PDF files with useful information on them that i would like to upload for anyone to be able to dowload them when i post a link. can anyone explain to me how to do this? I tried it once using Aol, but when I downloaded the .pdf file that i just uploaded to see if it worked, it showed up as a bunch of squares and symbols. These are acrobat6.0 files.

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    You can use this site to host your files...

    Send each file to your own email address, you will get a link in your email to where the file(s) can be downloaded

    Post the link here and anyone who wants it can get it from there.

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    Just another idea... depending on what info is in the files, contact the guys over at, they have a huge pdf archive and I'm sure would love to have more info to add to it.

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    Ace, post the link for one of the pdf files on your AOL site. Perhaps I or someone can see what you might be doing wrong. If need be you can email them all to me and I'll get them listed on some free space somewhere like I did at:

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    Here, someone tell me why it looks like this.contactor selection

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    that "yousendit" thing works very well. But i still want toknow why my way didnt work using Aol.

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    I got nothing when I clicked the link. I could right click it and choose "save as..." which saved it to a pdf file which I could read the heading "Copeland" and the rest little squares as you said.

    I am trying to upload to someone's AOL account but having trouble right now. I'll work on it with .pdf files I have and let you know. It may take a few days before I have time.

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    Thanks, Nevada.

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    Ace: The good news is AOL does work. I was able to access a friend’s account and set this up:

    Carrier Non-Programmable Thermostat -

    Tip, Tools for Pulling An Effective Vacuum -

    I suspect the problem is somewhere between your keyboard and the back of your chair
    The file "contactorselection" on your web site did not have the .pdf extension. Leaving it off when you uploaded would have caused the problem.

    I normally use the FTP client WS_FTP Professional to upload files. But while using the built in uploader on AOL I saw where you might have went wrong.

    Bear with me if most of this stuff you already know.

    While you are logged onto the AOL Screen name where you want to upload files to do this:

    go to aol keyword: myplace

    Click on "See My FTP Space

    Select the directory you want the file to go in.

    click on the "Upload" icon

    Pay attention , this is where you messed up.
    Type in the file name with extension.
    for the "Transfer mode": leave in default "Binary" (Programs and graphics)
    Apparently here AOL wants you to choose the name the file will be changed to after it uploads. Type in the same name it already is or you can change it. Just be sure to also include the .pdf extension in the name.

    Click continue. You are taken to an upload box, click on the icon "select file"

    Find the file on your hard drive you want to upload and upload it as you did before.

    If you still have a problem, we can meet on line and use IM or email to figure it out.


    Strange thing I noticed about posting here. When I try to list the two files above I could only list one site with the {url=http/} Common Name {/url} method. That was weird. Anyway that is why I listed them as I did. You may notice that when you get them uploaded and try to post them.

    Good luck.


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    Thnaks Sam, I would have never figured that one out. I did have success using the "yousendit" site. YouSendIt
    Thanks again.


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    Re: YouSendIt

    I visited, but haven't used it yet. Sounds like a great alternative to sending large attachments, but I would wonder how long the files will remain on their server before the clear them.

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    Just as I suspected. YouSendIt may be great for sending large files but it does have it flaws. This is what I got when I click on the link you posted under another thread:

    Your file has expired!

    Unfortunately your file has expired. A link is valid for 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever occurs first. Once the link expires, the file is automatically deleted and cannot be recovered.

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    Ace: save it to your drive as a text file then post the text file

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