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    I was on my way out to run some errands...put my son into his car seat, and as i stood to close his door...BLAMO!, a car slammed into my door, just inches behind me!

    the lady kept right on driving, so i hauled ass on foot and caught her at a stop sign down the road...jumped in front of her car like a raving maniac yelling at her, im sure she was a little worried,lol.

    anyhow, she came back to exchange info. her, "cant find my insurance card and..." me, "no problem, i'll find it", called the cops. they were there within 5 mins and i got all of her information.

    my door is all bent out of shape now, and pertruding from my car, her car has a huge-ass scrape down the entire length and her pass. mirror was busted beyond recogition, and on the road.

    i will have to pay a deductable of 500 bucks, and probably cant afford to fix it until i get my tax money back, which really sucks, as this now takes me out of the car show season until around march. i will miss being on display at the motortrend show, as i was the past two years.

    pictures of the mangulation to come with daybreak.

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    Damn...that sucks. I know how that feels, getting slammed by a car...looking at the damage not caused by you. Plus, you had your son in the car, that's the worst part. Great reaction in running her down and catching her. Nice way of getting her insurance information too. Cops should be called no matter what. File that police report. Good job. Glad no one was injured.

    What was wrong with this lady to not know she just hit someone? Geez.
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    NO DEDUCTABLE if her insurance is going to pay!

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    Originally posted by Freezeking2000
    NO DEDUCTABLE if her insurance is going to pay!
    Bingo...why should yours pay?
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    "so sorry i didnt stop........'i was talking to my son'"
    omg, i wanted to KILL.

    anyhow, the thing that gets me, is this will be the THIRD door skin on my "show car"...the one it was shipped with, the one on it now, from a hit and run on me last spring, and then this new one i need now...SAME door.

    she kept trying to tell the cops how clean her driving record is, and when she was leaving, i asked her how her record is going to look with a hit and run on it.

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    Do you have a map to some buried treasure hiding in that door?

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    my left front fender/quarter panel is a magnet. In the last few years I have probably been hit there four or five times. I had some guy in a rental hit me coming off the highway, and he managed to duck out from under it. The insurance company that covered his rental tried to duck out too, but after I called the state board of insurance they took care of it. I just keep an eye out and never drive next to anyone on my left side.
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