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    I am in a 7 month ac tech program. I dont learn heating and I dont learn anything about alot of the things I have read about in the posts in this website.

    I am getting the education to pass the epa exam and get the cert to work. I guess there only preping us to pass a 100 question exam.

    I want to know if the real working knowedge is really all at on the job training or am I in a crap school.

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    How long have you been in school?
    List what you have learned.

    Remember these are experianced techs talking here usually with 10+ years of experiance.
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    Trade school will get you the certifications needed to do the job. After you get in the field remember the basics of refrigeration and electricity and you'll do fine, If you don't learn something new every day you're not trying.
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    All in good time. You'll be old before you know it. You can put what I know on the head of a pin.
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    The EPA test will do absolutely nothing for you as far as the HVAC trade is concerned.

    A good mix of on the job experience with a decent school along with going to every manufacturer's training seminar you can go to and saving and reading I/O manuals will make you a good tech.

    It takes time to absorb even a small portion of what is needed to be good in this trade, so take your time and pay attention. This trade deals with math, physics and yes; rocket science. Just watch an inshot burner ignite!
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    Just pay attention and learn all you can in school. just like roboteq said it takes some time to absorb alot of the material in this trade

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    Originally posted by selfemployed
    You'll be old before you know it.
    Aint that the truth! Where did the years go? :-(

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    It sounds like you are in the same school that I went to before I decided to change to a good school.

    You are not learning the things you need to know : regesteration for a good school is happining now, I regestered on friday I suggest you do the same before the classcloses

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