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    I am looking for some ideas, or how do you pay a HVAC/R sales person 100% commision and full benifits for a:

    1. Service Conrtacts
    2. P.M. Agreement / Contract
    3. Comercial Install job less than $50,000.00
    4. Comercial Install job more than $51,000.00 ect.
    3. Residential Install job less than $15,000.00

    Any information would be great!! Thank you! pja116

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    I'm trying to remember some systems I've seen in your general area. Refresh my memory; isn't a goal of $700K at about $55K about average? Also, it's important to pay the best commission on the work you prefer. If you want the maintenance and just a little changeout, keep the maintenance commission high.

    It's tough to find an experienced salesman on straight commision in service anymore. To many contractors would get backed up with work and make it tough for the sales guy.

    If you refresh my memory, I can suggest some numbers.

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    I got
    4% single componet res
    6% furnace + a/c
    7% high eff
    10% accessories
    10% pm maintainance and after 10 = 1 day vacation
    no comm on commercial
    as a service tech

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