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    Relief valves for low pressure

    Hi, folks,

    My boss wants me to price up relief valves to either go on top of or replace rupture disks on the low pressure chillers we have, five YTs, and two bench grinders. So far, I've looked at Trane, and Redi-Controls. I like the idea on the Redi-Controls where you can just add it onto the existing flange.

    Anybody have any favorites for this type of device?

    Thanks to all....
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    Hey Randy, long time no speak

    You pretty much looking at a coin flip, I kind of favor the red ball delight though. The Reddi has a built in leak. The little vent, I've had many of them leak by and Trane's has a faster action. If you zero the machines with constant water pumps or a hot water generator you can change them out pretty quick.-GEO
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    Try Oseco, their products are good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txhvac View Post
    Try Oseco, their products are good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txhvac View Post
    Try Oseco, their products are good.
    I'll go along with this sentiment. I also like the Redi that uses the existing rupture disc.

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