Needed to replace a few tires on the wifey's car this morning. I called my tire guy to set up the install a few days ago. When I arrived this morning he said they missed the truck. He called and they only had two of the tires I was looking for, Michelin Sports. He went to pick them up across town and I returned a few hours later.

We had a conversation while they were put on the car and he said for the last few months he has noticed a large increase of "out of stock" notifications on his most common tire sizes. Not just manufacturers mind you but sizes of all brands.

He was told to expect more shortages and by the end of the year to expect to be in a waiting line for tires as long as several weeks to a month or more. Said it was not due to a material shortage but simply the manufacturers are cutting back on production even though there is a demand.

Anyone else see or hear the same?

Going to make getting service truck tires tough next year.