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    Question Carrier Infinity-Bryant Evolution packages

    I have narrowed my search to 2 contractors with a long and good standing in our area of Michigan. I have 2 proposals that have had manual J's done and both have come to similar results. So here are my questions-
    1. Differences between Air cleaners. 1 has proposed the Bryant perfect air
    and the other 4" media (Merv 10) Is it worth the upgrade to Perfect Air
    2. I would like to have a air exchanger installed and have read many things
    about what would work better HRV or ERV and can it be used in place of
    make up air. My thought would be ERV because I do not have humidity problems in the winter and it would be better than
    just pulling in raw make up air
    3. My current unit is a 125,000 comfort maker with a 5 ton condenser and a 4 coil. Yes I know it is messed up, but the qustion is..I had a measurement
    taken from both returns with a manometer and it came up to 1500 CFM
    the duct work on the supply side is properly sized at a 5 ton, but from
    my research the return air is only set up for 1400 based on the size of the
    duct work. These 2 proposals that are being proposed are completely
    different for the return air. all proposals for this would be running round
    individual pipes back to the furnace due to i logistical problems of
    increasing the main trunk. QUESTION how many returns do i really need
    for a 2000 sq ft finished basement

    Info on the house
    2900 sq ft ranch with 2000 sq ft finished basement R48 ceilings R13 walls
    9 foot ceilings with a few 14 foot vaults. 7 standard returns on main level
    Overall comfort is good on main level. Many large windows with very little
    direct sunlight during the day. (alot of trees)

    Contractor 1
    Load Calculation 108,000 Heating 66,000 cooling
    Bryant Evolution Series 355C 60120C-120,000 BTU Three-Stage V
    Bryant 5 Ton 288ANA Heat Pump with 6” risers and Poured Concrete Pad
    Coil CNPV6024ATA
    Bryant Evolution Thermostat
    2-Bryant Perfect Air Purifier’s GAPAAXBB2025
    Bryant Large Bypass Humidifier
    Additional Return Air for basment
    10 Year Parts Warranty
    1 Year Labor Warranty

    Contactor 2
    Load calculation 112,000 Cooling 63,000
    Carrier Model 58MVC120 Infinity ICS 95+ 3 Stage Variable
    coil CNPV6024ATA
    2 performance EZ flex air cleaner Merv 10
    Use existing Carrier humidifier
    Infinity Control
    Carrier Model 25HNA948 Infinity 19 Dual stage heat pump
    Adjust Ductwork at Plenum Addition of (4) Return Airs and (3) Supply Airs for Basement w/ Diffusers
    Ducts Sealed at All Accessible Areas
    10 year part warranty
    10 year compressor warranty
    10 year labor warranty
    1 year service agreement

    both contractors are close in price but the biggest difference I see
    is the Air purifier... media Merv10 cabinets
    the amount of duct work being propsed for the basement
    and warranties. contractor 1 would upgradeto 10 year for x dollars

    Note. both contractors have all certifications through Carrier and Bryant as authorized installers


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    There is a night and day differance in performance (and cost) between the 2 air "cleaners".

    The merv 10's are "free", the "air purifiers" are really expensive.

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