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Thread: Winter sucks

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    hugodrax Guest
    Man I hate winter, its 69 outside with a humidity of 82% and its cloudy and windy almost everyday. One thing for sure Anything past westpalm beach is too north for me.

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    Going to 10 deg. with a -20 wind chill factor on monday here in Michigan. Every year I hate it more and more. It sucks standing outside and threading pipe.
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    In Texas when it actually gets cold you have to enjoy it, cause it will eventually get hot as hell again
    Installs, Changeouts, & Heat Stroke.....not necessarily in that order

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    Originally posted by coolwhip
    Going to 10 deg. with a -20 wind chill factor on monday here in Michigan.
    I love it when Michigan weather is like that!

    Service call after service call, it fills the cash drawer!

    Hey CoolWhip, try Ward Flex, you don't have to thread it!


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    AMEN to rubberduck!! Houston + summer= HUMIDITY,HEAT,Haze.
    Intensity not necessarily in that order at times. Houston + Winter, well actually there is no winter so it is reformulated as Houston + Not summer = HUMIDITY, rain and fortunately some nice days.
    Saddle Up!

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