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    06D's in Lieberts- Foot spring replacements..?

    Anyone know a really slick way to get the 06D's in the Delux's up enough off their springs? Comes up on compressor change out, foot spring replacements, work on the back head..
    I bring pry bars, work the things up and back down on to sockets, blocks, what have you. All in all it seems to take too much of a bunch of time.
    Now the newer threaded-both-ends studs help (with some luck and assuming good threads you can screw them down or straight up out of the way easier-) but not on #2 if there's flooring under it. But there's still moving the thing- and getting the springs in and out.

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    Try jacking

    I use my truck scissors jack and wood. I have fabricated clips to fit the oil pump bolt and slip in the opening of the jack. I raise it up, put a board (hardwood) under the compressor for safety's sake. I would like to keep all my fingers were they are. I swear I have used my truck jack more on jobs then I have on my truck.-GEO
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    I use 4x4's to get it in place over the studs, then lift one side at a time w/ pry bars or brut strength, remove the wood.
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    i use a pair of needle nose vise grips to grab the nut that holds the bolt in place then i use a socket or speed wrench to back the bolt down enough to get the spring out with out having to lift the compressor that high.
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    06D spring replacement

    Like was said, you have to be ingenious and just make it work - Blocking while re and re( ing ) the bolts is a safety essential.

    FWIW, the Carlyle part # for a spring kit c/w all the hardware is as follows:

    06DA 660 056

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