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    So did you get what you’re looking for?

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    Now you really stepped in it

    Marcie, you said two things that make people on this site flame up, that being government and project engineer. Most of the time the chiller barrel is part of a closed loop system and generally does not require that much maint. Not that this isn't your problem it is just not that common. Most of the time and what everyone else is talking about is on the condenser side. This is an open loop with water being pumped out to a cooling tower and exposed to atmosphere. Without good chemical treatment this eventually leads to heavy scaling of the tubes and corrosion of the tube sheets. Unless you are responsible for your own chemical treatment, I would recommend the company that does yours or maybe not as it seems they haven't done that good of a job. There are water treatment professionals eagerly waiting on your call. When the guys were requesting more information about yourself, I think they meant for you to completely fill out a membership application. Three threads is real weak here when your asking for advice that could potentially end up costing someone several thousands in damages if done wrong. Then he says but I only did what they said on the web site.-GEO
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    issue me a purchase order, and i will send two guys to come pull the head and perform proper cleaning, AND let you watch and learn. since this is govt, we will need to follow all safety rules, so give me an idea on tonnage, and access, and ill get er done.

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    Have you tried to download the IOM from There is alot of great information if you are willing to read the maintenance section.

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