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    they used to (in the 70's) make "Old Frothingslosh" beer or ale. it was always at christmas as i recall. they were cans, pictures of women in bathing suits on them. all women 350 lbs or more. Old Frothingslosh light claimed the beer was so light the foam was on the bottom! are they still making it?
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    Being a "transplanted" Pittsburgher and having lived here for the last 16 years, I do remember seeing Old Frothlingslosh around, but couldn't remember last time.
    So...just checked out the website and Old German is still available. This was out since the 70s.
    Might still be similar !

    Check out

    Dice or the other Pittsburghers, any input ?

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    So Dice.......

    ya tried the aluminum bottles yet?
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    I hate anything made in that dirty old place down by the railroad tracks. I will try those bottles one of these days.
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    Someone had a case of it about two years ago and gave me one. As stated on the All About Beer site, it reads...

    "About every five years, Pittsburgh Brewing re-releases this Steel City classic."
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    They do have good microbreweries, they actually make Sam Adams and a few others..........I don't like them either.
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    Ahhhhh, Old Frothenslosh; "The stale, pale ale with the foam on the bottom". Remember it well from the 70s.
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