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    maintenance of refrigeration electrical controls

    Hi to everyone, and Merry Christmas to all. Thank you for allowing me into your great site. This is my first post. A little info about me: just out of technical college and starting in the refrigeration business. Live and work in the Republic of Panama, Central America.
    I need to determine if an old and very uncared for 15HP condensing hermetic is still operational. It has dual high-low pressure control, demand cooling control and oil pressure control. What should be the correct way of servicing this controls: the demand cooling seems to be electronic but the other are 100% mechanical devices with springs, levers, rods, etc. Contact cleaner? WD-40?
    Thank you for any comments.

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    i would not bother lubricating them and all. No maintenance is needed other than to check the setting and operation. Start spraying stuff in them and they will get all gunked up and fail.

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    The demand cooling control can be checked by pulling the sensor off of the control and after about 2 minutes it should shut down the compressor if it is working and no one has bypass the wiring.

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    Welcome to HVAC-Talk!

    This is the place to be if you want to learn something new about your trade each and every day. Get your post count up to 15 and you can apply for Professional Member status, which opens up a lot more to you on the site...including the Educational Forums.

    As for that compressor you have, I agree with the others not to try to lubricate the controls, but only verify their operation and just blow the bugs and dust out of them. Before you go too far, I'd want to do a run test on the compressor itself.

    Since you mention Demand Cooling, it's then apparent this is a Copeland Discus compressor. Copeland has some very good information available online, one of which is their Performance Calculator program. Do a search for it here and you'll find a number of past threads where we have discussed it and used it as a valuable diagnostic tool.

    Happy New Year!

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