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    Red face

    Well I do. At a petrochemical plant. #3 ton units "Goodman & Janitrol" that has very little problems to 10 ton Carriers, 20 ton packaged units to 200 ton Trane chiller. In the processing area, liquify ethane, methane, and hydrogen using the regular pressure drop {Joules-Thompson Effect} expanding a gas..and a nitrogen expander. Not really hard work, the bennies are good and the pay is good. Now the problem. I feel that I have sold my soul to the devil. When I go to work the only thing I have on that does not belong to the company is my underware and socks. They own me. Glasses, uniform, coat, they pay $150 a year for shoes-boots. In return I am expected to perform like a circus animal. Overtime is abundant. Just got through--7 nights 40 hours regular and 44hours overtime. This is good for a young man, hope my wife can put up with me being gone all the time. Thanks for letting me vent..Guess I'm just tired. Now the line set is rattling in the attic. Oh Well, Roy

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    Been there done that. After you put in your time you'll get the glory hours. Mine are 6:30am - 3:30pm. I'm owned also except for my droolies,and glasses.

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    I work 12:00am to 8:00am. Quiet...I like it.
    Installs, Changeouts, & Heat Stroke.....not necessarily in that order

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