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    The radio station here holds contests all the time. Right now they are holding a contest where you get qualified during certain times of the day and at the five o'clock hour they pull a name to win that prize of the day. There are only four qualifiers throughout the day.

    During the drive to work this morning, I heard the qualifing sound and called the station. I happen to be the ninth caller. On the way home, I heard my name get picked and I won an X-box!

    I guess you could say it's a Christmas bonus. It's worth $150. Plus all winners receive a free dvd from the local adult store. Two great gifts for being the ninth caller. Christmas came early for me.

    Get back to work.

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    The only thing I ever found in a return was mold, dirty filters,a dead rat, live pigeon nest, two really old pepsi cans, a ductboard knife, pvc squeeze type pipe cutter(the best find) and a stash of marijauna with a $20 dollar bill in the ziplock with it. Guess these must be floor returns your finding the rings in? I did find one diamond earring in a shower drain unfortunately the HO was right there to claim it.
    thehumid1-------I live in NJ, a state where it's free to come in but you have to pay to leave!

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