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    Looking for more options in financing for HVAC equipment. Who do you use? What is the approval rating?

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    What brand? Trane has arrangements with Wells Fargo. Rates are high to my way of thinking but they do offer 6 mos SAC from time to time. American General Financing also finances HVAC but they have high rates, too.

    Or you might just go to your local bank or credit union with a proposal. Rates are probably better and the $$ stay closer to home.
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    We use both Wells Fargo and American General. Approval ratings seem to vary, but mainly pretty high. We use the 90 day and 6 months same as cash with defered payments most of the time. If we want to run a special, we make arrangements with them for a lower discout rate for that time period, with a longer deferred payment period. We have gone as far out as 24 months.

    Higher rates don't seem to affect many to people, they just want the financing. We have a tendency to stand in our own way when it comes to interest rates. Four years ago, we didn't finance at all, now over 80% of ours sales are financed. We get jobs now just because we offer it.

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