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Thread: Truck Jokes

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    Do you guys know any good truck jokes to play on my co-workers. Putting dope on the door handle is just getting old.
    They just put peanut butter in my wire nuts. I was thinking of putting Fluff somewhere in there truck. Any Ideas, with fluff or not?
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    try rocks in the hub caps or tie bands on the drive shafts makes a heck of a noise

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    Get some fish, freeze it in the freezer, drill a couple of holes in it, tyrap it to the frame.

    Don't park your truck next to it!

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    Pepperspray on the steering wheel, works better in warmer climates, and if applied just prior to them driving away.

    Just the residue in the cab will cause discomfort, and........ never admit guilt.

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    Rain-X applied to the windshield with your finger. Come up with your own expletives.

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    Put grease on the wiper blades and turn them on.... it was funny when it happened to me.. started my truck in a blur.
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    Baby powder in the defrost vents (be sure to turn the fan on hi and in defrost mode).

    Bungee cord his door shut.

    Sneak in and screw/tie down all of his tool bags/box's.\

    Fill his muffler with some lightweight oil. Once the engine gets up to temp it'll start burning off and produce amazing ammounts of smoke (best not to let the boss know about this one lol).

    Not sure if this is possible, but if he has a 4 wheel drive vehicle, put the transfercase in N, watch the fun when he tries to leave.

    If you are the artistic type, using a black magic marker on the front windshield can look amazingly like a crack from a distance.

    Put grease on the windshield wipers. Next rainy/snowy day *muahhaahah*.

    Now for the disclaimer... professional stuntman on a closed course, do not try at home (but tell us if you use any of em!).

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    Cool beep...beep...beep...beep

    IF the horn is near a turn signal light, connect the turn signal light wire to the horn.

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    Make an "I am gay" bumper sticker and put on their rear bumper.

    Turn on everything that goes off when the ignition is turn off and turn the radio up as loud as it will go. What happens?: When they go to start their truck, the radio is blasting, wipers, and turn signals come on, plus what ever else is wired to the ignition switch.

    And change all the presets on the radio to a religious station.

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    Just so you guys know that stupid practical jokes on vehicles are not appreciated by everyone;

    Many years ago someone on a job did something to my car. I can't even remember what it was, but I don't ever want anyone feeling that they can do anything to my vehicles. When I identified the culprit sitting in his car laughing at me I calmle walked over to him, reached in his car and snapped off his turn signal lever.

    Just so you're forwarned, not everyone takes well to having their vehicle messed with.
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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    Just so you're forwarned, not everyone takes well to having their vehicle messed with.

    Good point. Tie a couple of beer cans to a 30' piece of fishin line. Tie the other end to his bumper and toss it under.
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    Note to self: Do not mess with a gay person's vehicle.

    Good point RoBo. A joke is a joke only if both parties are laughing. If you cause a vehicle to make noise and the driver incurs a mechanic’s fee for having it checked out, you should stop laughing long enough to reimburse them.

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    Be verrry careful...

    The boss might see that you have a lot of extra time on your hands.
    ALL the trucks need cleaned up, etc.

    Whatever you do, don't damage company or personal property.

    It's all fun and games, until somebody loses an eye...

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