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    You can save most web pages permanently to your hard drive. See a thread on HVAC-Talk that you want to keep ? You may want to save it for future reference. I use Internet Explorer. If you use something else, the procedure should be easy to figure out if it is not the same.

    1 - Click "File" at the top left of the screen.
    2 - Select "Save As.."

    You can then select a name and folder in which to save it to. I have made a special folder named "- HVAC-Talk". The leading "-" in the folder name cause it to come to the top of an alphabetical listing. It will suggest a default file name which is the title of the web page. Example this page's suggested file name will be:

    HVAC-Talk Heating, Air & Refrigeration Discussion - See something you like? Save it!

    Since I save all threads to my HVAC-Talk folder, I shorten the file name to only include the words in bold above. The file is saved as a HTML file. All graphics from the page are put in a folder with the same name plus "_files" on the end of it. The file and folder are linked together. Move or delete one and the same will happen to the other. You will have to save each page of threads with multiple pages. When I have a long thread I add "_1", "_2", etc to the end of the file name. Later if someone posts a new reply, I select the same file name to save it to and choose to replace the old file.

    To view the files off line, simply go to that file folder and click on the HTML file you want. It will appear just as it looked when you save it. However the links to additional pages will not access the next file on your computer unless you edit the HTML code. It will try to go on line to access the website. To view additional pages, just click on the next file in the file folder.



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    If you like saving web pages, you should try a software product called Snagit. Allows you to capture and edit web pages, including text, graphics, photos. For example, you can capture a web page, then edit out all the banner ads and graphics that you don't want. You can even re-arrange graphics & text any way you want, then save it to a file.
    I use it often, as it's very easy to use. Costs about 40 bucks, I think.

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    I suppose cut and paste would be a good way to capture notes. For most websites that I like I simply add the link to my favorites.

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