HEY ALL YOU CONSERVATIVES!! Do you lay awake ‘til all hours trying to figure out why liberals think the way they do? Well you’ll never again lose sleep with the brand new “Liberal-Specs”. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this ingenious device will instantly give you a liberals perspective on everything this world has to offer. Liberal-Specs look like an ordinary pair of glasses, but some simple changes transform them into the most useful device of our time.

We actually start with an ordinary pair of glasses. We black out the right lens to prevent you seeing anything on that side. Then, on the left side, we install a clear lens that has been made with the same technology as a fun-house mirror so that everything that you see is twisted and distorted.

Amaze your friends and colleagues with your new-found perspective on the world and have hours of fun messing with the minds of your liberal acquaintances.

This one-of-a-kind device can be yours for three easy payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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