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Thread: New Nate Tests

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    I read today that Nate is coming out with new tests in the fall of 2005

    HVAC EFF. Analyst Test
    GAS Hydronics Test
    OIL Hydronics Test
    Comm. Refrigeration Test

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    Nate and other certifications

    Don't get too caught up in these certifications, Much of it is a bunch of bull. The only ones making money are the ones that run the testing. If your new to the business, by all means, knock yourself out. I know hvac people who have a whole basket of licenses and certifications a still don't make big bucks or get the best jobs. Sure, learn what you have too, and most of all be really good at it and you'll always have a job. I got my Nate certifications and it doesn't mean a hill of beans to a lot of contractors. They BLOW the importance of certain certifications way, way, way, out of proportion. As long as your good at your job you'll get hired.

    Every once in a while some training institution comes out with some new (Must have to get a job)certification. Right now it seems to be Nate certifications. I am not saying that you should not be qualified, sure you should. But there is a lot of wasted time and money certifications out there. After you have been around for a while you'll know what I mean.

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