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    just got a call from the cheap reciprical saw blade,cheap extension cord,ruff service light bulb, cheap what ever I dont need phone salesman. he was trying to sell me first aid kits for the trucks.....already have them. Then he tried selling me fire extinguishers for the trucks , I dont have them on the trucks just at the shop......hummmmm he says osha requires them on all service trucks. Guess it would be a good idea and something I may have been overlooking. Last time I ever did need one with a engine fire on a car , the extigishers that everyone had so little power that the short time they sprayed didnt do any good and the vehical burnt up. That was an eye opener. so tell me does osha require them?

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    Can't say for sure, but thats what I was told when our company bought many (many many) extinguishers for our vehicles, and a lot of guys put one in thier gang box's too.

    They are small ones (2.5 maybe, doubt they are 5 lb's), I'd like to have an additional one (larger) in my van too, but I haven't gotten the ok yet.

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    We have them in all the trucks.We do have the 5 pounders though so we can use them on job site's too .Riding around on a truck they get settled & compacted.You should have a periodic inspection for pressure & to bop the bottom of the bottle with a rubber mallet to ensure they are not compacted.Nothing is worse than needing an extinguiser & having a full one that will not work because it is compacted.
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    They're a nice security blanket, but are useless on 90% of vehicle fires. Especially 5 pounders with service vans.

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    I have one of those small kitchen fire extinguishers in my pickup. I like grabbing it when I have to take my torch up into a customer's attic or under a house.

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    I have a Halon 1211 13 pounder at the ready in the van at all times. Fortunately I haven't had to use it.

    As I work in food stores and restaurants all the time I'd rather have something that's very effective at putting down any type of fire, is non-conductive and leaves no residue.

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