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    Question subcooling whats the scoop??

    Hi guys, I need some help! I'm writing an IP exam very soon and there is alot of contradicting info I have regarding subcooling when the condensor is plugged with dirt. Some text books say that there is high subcooling to normal because of the fact that the head pressure is elavated so high that the TD is higher and therefore more heat transfer and others say that there is less subcooling because of the reduce airflow across the condensor. Can you please post your input! Thanks and I will qoute the system diagnostic sheet.Dirty condensor will cause High dishcharge temps,high condensing pressures,high compression ratios,high amp draw, normal superheat,normal to high pressures but here is were the question lies,NORMAL TO HIGH CONDENSOR SUBCOOLING!!!both instructors are with RSES CMS qualifications that are supporting this view. Thanks for your time and input

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    You can't subcool it until after you condense it.

    What textbooks are you quoting?

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    Since you are just starting out make sure you spell the names of the components correctly. It is condenser, it is compressor and it is evaporator.

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    Here in Canada we say and spell things differently, eh!Like for example,cheese eating surrender monkeys.I think I made my point.Live, long and prosper.

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