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    Re: Teenagers

    Originally posted by ice machine undertaker
    Somewhere on the web I read, "Parents of teenagers understand why animals sometimes eat their young."
    WOW, huh i don't no about that but,thats gross.

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    Dragon, You see that a lot of us are going or went though raising teens. Step or bio there is no differance except Mama. My wife, his mother, was the one to tell the boy "O baby doll don't do that." Well we divorced and the boy came to live with me after 6 months. We had those discussions, I even paid people to talk to him. No avail. The law at my house and all. Sometimes I was made out to be the bad guy. WTF??? He had to take his lumps, boot camp and finally the military. He calls me now and stays with me more than with his mom. There was a lot more. Drugs,ect. Hang in there. My stepchildren, I think love me more than my own. Roy

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