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    Hello people. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm new to this area of refrigeration and i need help with a question. It's about the " net refrigerating effect" of refrigerants. The question is should a refrigerant have a high or low net refrigerating effect. I know that the net refrigerating effect is the amount of heat absorbed by each kg of refrigerant in the refrigerating coils as it evaporates from a liquid to a vapor. What should i be looking at to decide what my answer will be.I need to be steered in the right direction. Thks.

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    While it's not clear to me as to what you're doing with all this, I will assume it's purely hypothetical and go with that.

    Based solely on its NRE, I would think that a refrigerant with a high NRE would be beneficial because its mass flow per ton of refrigeration would be lower......and correspondingly the compressor displacement and pipe sizing might be reduced.......depending on its specific volume as a gas. R717 ammonia has a high NRE, low massflow and yet a relatively high specific volume.

    Interesting question, but I think you need to expand on it a bit.

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