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    This past August, one of the mechanics helpers asked our boss if he could fill up his personal car with gas at the local station we deal with and have it withdrawn from his paycheck that Friday. Our boss said sure.

    The last week of October, our company's accountant asked our boss if this person drove a company van. He said no. She pulled out 27 gas receipts with his signature on them. Come to find out, he was filling up his tank every chance he got. From day one, no money was taken from his check. The gas amounted to almost six hundred dollars. When asked why he kept getting gas and knowing no money was being withdrawn from his paycheck, he replied...

    "I was waiting for you to say something."

    On top of that, he was using 94 octane for his, broken window, dented, falling apart Taurus SHO.

    Needless to say, after that conversation, he went bye-bye.
    Get back to work.

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    i did this ONCE in my car, after it was approved, and it was deducted.

    i still believe in "nothing comes free" i would never push my luck like the guy you are talking about. just dumb to risk your job over stupid ****.

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    I've heard of a former employee doing something similar too, he was gone before he was caught though.

    And I can't say for sure, and I hate to accuse... but several others suspect one guy of taking company gas aswell. He always carries a 5 gal tank with him (not a bad idea for the kinda work he does)... but rarely do you see him empty it, and he almost always fills it up.

    Wrong? yes, creative... definately.

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    I used to work in maintenance and we were given mini trucks to drive, dude from another property used to fill truck, have the clerk hand write the gas slip to include cash, cigs, and a tip for the clerk... The boss only asked one question before he got out the pink slip: How are you fitting 28 gallons of gas into a 15 gallon tank? LOL :-)

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    $600 for his job and name.
    Old snipes don't die they just loose their steam

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    Originally posted by snipe70e
    $600 for his job and name.
    Amazing how shortsighted some are...

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