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    2 years ago we spent Christmas in Hawaii, went to the Arizona memorial while we were there, something to see and think about.
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    flew over pearl harbor in 1969 on my way somewhere not as friendly, we stayed for about four hours but could not sneak out to see the memorial. always regretted that, maybe someday. I am annoyed that the money required for upkeep is always a problem, why? this speaks to the type of people we are as a nation. we have for the most part forgotten how we have arrived at this spot. around here WW2 is not taught in school. Anyway they should find Lee Iacoca and have him help, he did a great job with the statue of liberty. Took the kids to France a few years ago and it was very moving my kids (4) understand one is in the Marines now and luckily is here not there. well hope it gets done soon.
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    vmc - you hit it dead on!! Why don't we focus more on on WWII?? It should be a 4 year required course to graduate high school - this is a huge problem for the U.S.A. When you think about it other countries are very proud of there history and it shows in the society and when it comes to someone threatening the lives of there people. As we found out there is a percentage of people who just want to let the Sadams and Bin Laudens of the world just walk on us - how can this be??? Why??? It is a very sad display of national pride.

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    You can tell it's pretty ****ty when you get into the memorial itself. It's aging is obvious. The park ranger dude told me that they paint it all the time to hide cracks and what not. I am very encouraged to know that Tom Hanks is involved with the restoration preparations. Thats pretty cool.

    I'll tell you. In the moment, after the film, then they float you out there and you see that oil coming up, thats as chilling and as profound as our american history can get.

    It's a must see.

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