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    What kind of give aways from supply houses have you got. What kind of things (in reason) would you like to get. I need to come up with some for my marketing dept.

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    I would like to see an ongoing system. example a supply house that always has a fresh pot of cofee brewing or cold softdrinks and free pastries or snacks. If one had this all year in myarea I would go out of the way just to visit

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    most do what supply house do you go to? I am a vendor what kind of give aways would you like to see, hats, tees, ect.

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    The ones here usually have the little pocket screwdrivers, pens, notepads etc..., and donuts on Friday

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    I like those pocket screwdrivers, hats, note pads, training, you know the usual....

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    Things like extendable pick-up magnets, aim-a-flames, hats, those cool things you hang around your neck in the summertime.

    I haven't seen any of these as give-aways but should be inexpensive enough to consider.

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    totaline has free hot sausages on wed.& fri. plus i got free s/h & s/c & ductulater & a free sqeegee. others only have donuts if you're early. popcorn machines are good too.

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    Aside from the usual cheap junk like notepads, calander books hats and little screwdrivers most places have from time to time, Sid Harveys had some great promotions going. Got $60 in gift certificates to the local supermarket for buying a certain amount of stuff last month. They have another one going on now.
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    When I worked in Northwest Florida the most successful supplier had a coffee pot, coke machine, an ice machine and a chest type freezer with small tubs of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet. It was worth the extra drive to get there on those hot humid days.

    Every tech always needs the small screwdrivers too they are a good idea. A full lunch once in a while helps too.
    There was a supplier who had a nice looking girl at the counter (never saw her just heard) and the place was always jammed. She quit and the manager almost cried.

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    One of the plumbing supply places here has donuts (like 30 or more), pop and coffie every day. We redid some duct there, I ended up there for around 2 weeks, god them donuts are addicting!

    Another one has some candy on hand. One has free hotdogs on wednessdays. The one with candy has a BBQ the last friday of the month during the summer.

    Ok, off the food (I'm getting hungry), little screw drivers are good, ductulators are good too. Most will give you a free shirt of the product they sell if you ask and they have some. Notebooks, hats, etc. Nothing major really, but it's enough to keep me loyal to them (that and they always seem to have what I need).

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