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    We were talking about this at the shop and the other guys shared this story with me:

    Several years ago a new guy found a leak in a tower in a market. So he calls the on call lead and the lead says "You need to raise the pressure in there to pinpoint the leak. I can help you in about 3 hours."
    When the on call lead shows up he sees that the guy had cut the headers from the individual circuits at the tower and brazed access valves to each circuit and was planning on pumping nitrogen into each circuit. After a good chewing out from the on call lead on how it should have been done, they get to work on the repairs.
    I can't imagine how long repairs would have taken.
    Yes, he was gone the next day.

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    They're awful cute when they're that size.

    I wouldn't have let him go for that, though, unless he claimed 20 years experience in supermarkets.

    I would've seen that as someone that ants to get the job done, even if he didn't know how....

    Kinda scary, but mostly lacking guidance.

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    I agree Dave, doing something is always better than nothing. Even if you’re wrong.

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    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    I always say it takes what it takes. When ever I get done and say it's fixed, and I shut the mechanical room lights off and go home.

    Some days are long in the saddle. Some days, it just goes right. What ever the case. I'll be done when it's done. I don't beleive in rushing. I don't beleive in screwing around too much. I am a guy who likes to take a few mini breaks over a long day. People always used to say to me that they could not understand that when in a time of crisis, I SEEMED relaxed. I don't let people bug me. I don't let the loss of their product bug me. Half the time, it was their CHOICE not to have it done right the first time, or spend the money when it neeeded to have been spent. By the time I am there, in an emergency, I always look at it like, "it aint my fault". I am just here to fix it.

    The real crazy thing is. I am also the type who can get ramped up and ticked off and I wear my emotions out on my sleeve too loudly. I love a huge problem emergency call when I get that way. Going out that night, on my way to another fire, it just relaxes me. By the time I get to the damn place, I am in my groove and have fogotten for the most part what I was so pissed off about.

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