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Thread: Let's say...

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    you have a rack down and flat. It holds more than 1000#. The leak is in the tower bundle somewhere.
    How long would it take you to get that rack back up?

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    Got spare circuit???
    What are all your options?

    I faced one just like that once. I had a bad one in an evap cond. I found the aircooled unit on the roof had a spare circuit with enough capacity so I just did a re-pipe up to the roof unit.
    That sufficed.

    I dont remember how long that took.
    I had to get my coffee. I had to go find my torch. I had to drag it up the stairs. I had to get lunch. I had to take a dump after lunch.
    I needed a refil on my soda.

    I had to find some copper tubing. I had to get some fittings.

    Maybe eight man hours.

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    Is the question , how long will it take the rack to get limpin' along and getting stuff cold again ?

    My answer would be how fast can you dump gas in.

    3/8" chargin' hoses work purty good , even though I only have 1/4"ers on me truck.

    I 've actually had this happen to me a few times , from flat to coolin' in 1.5 hours is totally possible .

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    I'm with Ned.

    It can be done in an hour and a half, depending on the actual location of the leak.

    Last winter, I had a condenser fan bracket break and send a 1.5 hp fan motor and it's 3' prop go into the top of a coil on a rack that wound up holding 1700 lbs.

    It took longer to actually repair the leaks than to charge it on a 10 degree day. I was pouring in three tanks at a time after the vacuum through 3/8 hoses into 3/8 angle valves.

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    Heck Ned, it takes that long just to get back from the wholesale house with enough freon to gas er back up.

    Nobody carries more than a couple hundred pounds of any one gas on their trucks. And that is market men.

    But first ... ya gotta fix that leaking circuit and or pipe around it.

    I dont know if I would pipe around a leak in an evap condensor. You may just be days or weeks away from another leak in the same section.

    It sounds like it's time for a whole new copper section on the condensor.

    Dave would know or Ice.

    Where I live ... we dont evaporate nuthin! We simply sweat!

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    You do what you have to do to get the equipment running, and worry about replacements later, Bob.

    Again, it depends on how bad it is.

    The condenser I repaired that day is still running and not a drop has been added to it in almost a year, adn there were nearly a dozen pieces cut through.

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    Well yesterday I had this problem. This is the longest it has taken me = 9 hours, helper= 4
    Got there at 11:00
    found leak shortly before 12:30, started draining tower
    lunch (a/c rack, so no rush)
    ordered the gas and help
    That leak and others repaired by 16:00
    Last drop of R-22 went in before 19:00

    I'm thinking that since there was no ice cream melting, psychologically I held back. I've never done it in an hour an a half though. I think my best time is 4 hours to completion.

    Edit: the leak was 6 runs up from the bottom in a Recold evap tower near the center supports

    [Edited by jerrycoolsaz on 12-11-2004 at 02:04 AM]

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    A/C no panic.

    Used to like doing those rack conversions, most were 502 to 507 or R12 to 134a. The biggest time consumer was getting the gas out. Keeps ya awake though at 3 am, wondering what could go wrong while the product slowly warms.
    1000 lb racks would typically be down 4-5 hours, barring the unforseen! Always worked out ok though, no losses.

    Or the old mass move from an old rack to new, renovations can be fun!!
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    I hate Recold anything. You ever talked to them? What a scary inept, incompetent bunch of people.

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    Had a few myself-look for the oil/haze/hole, fix leak, evacuate, charge, look on in wonder as the cold descends once more and walk through the cheering crowds back to your truck.

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    Originally posted by lurgi
    Had a few myself-look for the oil/haze/hole, fix leak, evacuate, charge, look on in wonder as the cold descends once more and walk through the cheering crowds back to your truck.
    You do have a way with words.

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    Just got back from minny the AZ. Didn't see all this untill tonite .

    My reply was actually charging system not fixing leak .

    I'm not that fast. Evap tower leaks can be the worst ever !!!!!

    I pitty the foo' that has one....been there done that ( dreading the next one )

    As far as getting the gas , a parts house will deliver 800# of 404 with a bloody smile .

    " Let's see , 800# * $XX a pound = I'll be right there sir "

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    In an emergency I have bought time by use of.....
    the magic hose clamp.
    This engineering marvel, when coupled with the
    unparalleled flexibility of rubber can stem the flow of
    some of natures worst (or the Chem H2O acid washing of the tower) to a mere trickle, a spot of bubble .
    Now friends I admit that this isn't going to get you out of
    a proper repair, but when you are up against 23 pending calls and your oncall teammates are sleeping it off this lil' gem can be a godsend.
    Sure you say, but what would this piece of mind cost me? Well it will also save a poor soul that is faced with the horrible fate of a Hussmann aluminum evap. leak that has him dead-ended without the proper supplies or techniques to mend such a PERILOUS (gasp!) perforation... and did I mention that the VP is doing a store visit this afternoon ...? Egads!!! Up and running it could be!
    Friends I can supply you , nay entrust you with these lil marvels at a pittance when you consider the price that the peace of mind can bring.!!!
    Not five or four, for you not even three... but for just two low payments of 14.99 I will share the magic and mystery of the marvelous hose clamp.
    0perators are standing by.......

    Uh, I mean I have bought time with hose clamps before when under duress....too many westerns....

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