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    Hi everyone,
    quick question here, any input would be highly, highly appreciated. I am 23, have a good job, etc. I've always been interested in HVAC, I would like to learn more about it, just for myself plus I would like to have a couple of extra skills. I live in Chicago. What if I don't want to get certified, just want to learn for myself. What's a good route to take, so I can take some classes in the evenings and learn some useful, practical stuff. May be somebody knows good places to inquire in Chicago area. What would you do in your area? Would just going to a local community college do the trick? Again, thanks a lot for any advice. Have a good one!! Andy

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    If you want to know what you need to know inorder to enter this industry .... do a couple of things.
    First, buy Norm's book on the testing exams.
    Next do a search of this site for the thread; "Top ten things to know".

    Next, there are other threads which ask the forum community "What do you want in a service tech?"
    (or something worded like that)

    Going to school is great, but attitude and vision are best obtained prior to entry.
    Also, half the schools are dogfood. So you have to find a referral first in order to know your not wasting your time and money.

    If your going to enter thisindustry, then first get the proper training your employer will require of you BEFORE you ever think of applying for a job!
    And you best be willing to relocate in order to obtain said education. Cause not every state has a great school and not every school teaches what you will use, no matter the quality of the school and their cirricullum.

    In other words, dont train to service a Ford when your employer only does Chevrolets.

    This industry is as broad as medicine or engineering.
    Have an evaluation done on you and find out what type of work you would be best suited for.
    And one school does not teach enough to cover all.

    There are plenty of guys here who specialize in specific areas of service and or installation work.

    Read the threads. Look at the posts. See who is responding to help other people.
    Ask questions about how they got their start in this industry.
    Take great notes.
    Search things out, and you'll be light years ahead when it comes time to enter yourself.

    Ask NormChris or Lmtd which schools offer what you will need in education.

    And pay close attention to the time stamp and date stamp on these posts.
    Some guys are here at all hours of the night and day.
    This is their only social event, for most of us who are regulars here.
    We are not normal regular guys. We are unique. If you dont see yourself as being unique or irregular ... hang with us for enought time and we'll convert you.

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    thank you for informative reply...

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