Bought an old 50's hours 5 years ago with a fuel oil system and no AC. I was convinced into buying a open loop geo thermal system from the in-laws who have one that works great. Overall cost was in line with a new propane furnace plus AC installed. One downside - poor water pressure. The sytem pulls from our well that services our house. So we have little to NO water pressure when it is running. And it runs alot to keep the house up. Good news is our fuel oil back up kicks on at a 2 degree difference so the cold Michigan Winters we do use a tank of fuel oil to kee up. My question - how can I improve the system to operate more efficiently and reduce water usage. Here are the specs:
Baird Model # GSVS361-A
Pressure Tank: Vertical - 20 gallong
Well 180' depth of 220' well 4 1/2"
Well Pump 1/2 horse power

When the geo was set up it pulls 6 gpm. Can it be tuned down?
Would putting a larger well pressure tank or two in-line pressure tanks be a solution?
How about a larger well pump?
Or can I convert a open loop to a close loop - rough estimate on what that would cost?