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    If it ain't urgent, it is well worth having Brown do something for you.
    I think they lost my tony paco sauce though...
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


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    Originally posted by AAone
    Man, it would kill me to have to drive 75 miles to get parts. But on that same note, here in Atlanta the traffic is so bad that sometimes it can kill you to have to drive 20 miles.
    Sounds alot like Austin traffic.

    But I'm with Popa Dice. Quite a few good ones all over the city.
    Nice selection.

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    Dallas TX
    Some of you guys ned to get out of the sticks. 2 under 2 miles from the shop. Then we have Trane, Lennox, Johnson, Johnstone, Airparts, Comfort, American distributors, and what ever else you could want about 10 - 15 due south of our office. Another 10 - 15 you got every refrigeration company in Dallas.

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    Central MN and the Twin Cities
    You name them and they are within 15 miles. The closest is about 4-5 miles.
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    about 15mins any direction to a parts place 'round here.

    thats michaels, united, ferguson, northeastern, anyone...we're located in baltimore, so if it can come in by boat train, road or plane, we can get to it in 20 minutes. lmao

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    Originally posted by jpb2
    Carns, i'm 1200+ miles away. A lotof my territory is 60-80 miles out
    Will keep that in mind, cause if ya gotta fly it in ya gotta fly it in.
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    we have supply houses no more than 6 miles from anywhere that we go out to. the bad part is we don't have accounts at most of them so we end up driving 15 miles or more to get parts. we have about 8 in my town

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    35 miles there and 35 miles back

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    I hope Ro Bo Tec posts on this thread if/when he gets to Iraq....

    Seattle Pioneer

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    Port Saint Lucie, FL
    Parts: Gemaire and Bond supply are a block away
    Equipment: Noland co.(Ruud)is about 1/2 mile away. I can't believe some of you have to drive 75+ miles for parts,I hope you are billing this time out!

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    Camel City, NC


    Most within 5 miles and 90% within 3 miles of each other. Trane parts 25 miles away.
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    wall mart is 3 miles hahahahahahahahahahhha

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    If its not an everday part ( or sometimes if), phone first and find out where it is.
    Sometimes it not. How close is the wholesaler? Wheres the part?
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