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    I am getting sick and tired of Nextel and their nickle and dime to death additude. Their bills are impossible to decipher and they add all kinds of fees I never heard of.

    I am curious if anyone ditched them to find another carrier better?

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    I think our shop has tried just about every provider on the planet, and went to Nextel about 3 years ago and they have been about the best of the bunch. I got tired of the shop *****ing about my cell minutes so I gave them their phone back and purchased my own Nextel and have not had any of the problems you have. Dont know what plan you have but I am on the National 800 with free long distance, unlimited two way and unlimited incoming calls, I get 800 outgoing minutes before I start being charged extra, my bill is $100 bucks a month.
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    verizon is much better

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