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    GOt a request from a customer to repair a very large air handler drain pan. After looking at the unit the large drain pan was the bottom floor of the air handler that collected carry over condensate from the coils. Now the floor is rusted real bad and installing new metal seems expensive. I heard that a roofer can coat the drain pan with a rubber type material or epoxy fill? It seems to make sense. Does anyone have any expierence with this?

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    We've done that several times on some 15-20 ton RTU's, but it was because the base pan on the condenser side was rusted out. Owner won't spend the money to replace a working unit, so we pulled the cond. fans, and the roofer did his magic.

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    I have found that talking with people that specialize in cooling tower basin repair are a good source of info for specific products to use in drain pan repair due to their experience in cleaning, coating and repairing metal cooling tower basins. I would seek their advice before speaking with a roofer.

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    I have had exceptional performance from a product you just paint on the rust. Home Depot carries one brand as does CRC Chemicals. It transforms the oxide in rust to a new chemical formula. You do NOT scrap any of the rust away. The more the rust, the better the transformation. After you paint it on and let it dry, it becomes a paintable compound also. And when it dries you can also, then, patch any holes with sheet metal.
    I'm sorry I don't know the product name at Home Depot but it comes in a one-gallon plastic liquid container.
    I also have used it on a couple of spots on my '55 ford F100 frame and it came out black and smooth and I paint it black when done. Cant tell it. Good stuff.

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