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    I absolutely love the Christmas season. The kids are 7,8, and 12 and I thoroughly enjoy the excitement this time of year brings to them. Listening to radio talk shows, you here that some people are concerned with the commercialization of Christmas and worry about the "lost" meaning of Christmas. We have raised our children to understand what Christmas is, and why we celebrate it. Would they show the same sense of excitement if they did not receive gifts? Probably not, but is it really that big of an issue to consume the airways for hours after hours? I see the excitement in not only my children, but all children and I see the anticipation of the season in their walk, smiles from ear to ear whenever they see Santa, whether it is at the mall, in church, or at a social event. Is there a better picture than kids having fun and enjoying their young lives? The togetherness it brings us as a family, whether we are decorating the tree, decorating the house, shopping for mom, grandparents, friends, the pets or each other. We spend more time enjoying each other during this season, than life allows at other times of the year. It is purely, the greatest celebration of the year.
    The people who complain of the "lost" meaning of Christmas, in my opinion, have lost the meaning of Christmas themselves. It should not be a season of negative opinions or discussions. It should not be a season to voice, negatively, an opinion of what other people do or how they celebrate. It should be a season to celebrate the family, the friendships and the relationships that we cherish and probably unintentionally take for granted the other times of the year.

    Whether it is seeing my 7 year old boy fill out his Christmas wish list, or my 8 year old daughter pointing out more "play" make-up out of a catalog, or my 12 year old daughter looking at the "new-style" clothing that she wants, which more than not makes my stomach turn, or watching my wife throw Christmas CD's one after the other in the CD player; You can't help to sit back, soak it all in, smile and say, "Yes, this is what Christmas is all about."

    It may be a little early but, enjoy the season and,

    Merry Christmas to everyone.


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    Good post, REAK.

    Have a great Christmas, yourself.
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    I'm smilin' too.
    Thanks for the post.
    My kids are near full grown, but Christmas has good memories.

    Holiday means literally "Holy Day".

    We still read from Luke before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

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    I agree as well. No matter what you believe in or what religion you are, take it as a celebration of what is good in the world, family, friends and peace on earth amoung all men. Not that it will happen overnight but the idea is noble and well worth the effort. My kids are much older but we still decorate and listen to Chritmas music and have an annual party at our house.
    Call it Festivus if ya want.....
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    And turn off them stupid talk radio shows, they are a real downer, I'm sure you have some all Christmas music channels up there in the great white north.
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    I'm keeping an eye on this thread
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