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Thread: Work Shoes

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    Apr 2003
    Levittown, PA
    I was with this girl once, she had "red wings".

    I'm sorry, I'm bored.

    Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things!

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    Nov 2003
    Got my Red Wings in college at a frat party. Sure beats having a s**t-eating grin. Wolverines for me.

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    Jan 2002

    Tossed my Durashocks...

    The wolverines were OK, but for me they seemed be unstable, lacking in ankle support. And the toe was too narrow.

    Like Shane said Red wings. 6662. I'll buy these boots as long as they continue to make them. Sooo soft and comfy for my wide-azz hoofs. The sole has almost no tread so no mud/dirt gets brought inside...

    Academy Sports has 'em...

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    wolverine, cant say enough about them. gore-tex protection, lasts half a year, with normal wear...can buy them almost anywhere... best work boot i ever had.

    never tried redwings(the shoes),but did have the other kind a few times. lmao

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    I guess I'm not the only one who totally digs Woverine Durashocks. Mine are still going strong since 1998. My other standard has been (when steel toes are not required) a pair of army surplus combat boots that were given to me about 4 years ago.

    Style-wise, I'd prefer a poleclimber style, but for that amount of money, I'd be too afraid of trashing them.

    I only wear boots so I have multiple pairs and I alternate depending on what job I'm doing that day. Helps the boots last longer...let's the sweat/rain dry throroughly between wearings. Not to mention, a regular brushing up with some Kiwi helps extend their life...easier said than done

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    Original S.W.A.T....
    Usually just tenneshoes...we wear shorts too(year round)
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    redwig the best especially with the moldable in sole(microwaveable) very expensive though the insole is 40 bucks. Catipiller is great for the price you could buy one brown pair and one black pair for the price..

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