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Thread: Work Shoes

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    Jul 2003
    The Isle of Long
    Need opinions on work shoes.

    Santa is coming and my feet would like to be comfortable. Have tried lo end to hi end in past. Payless to Red Wing. Would like something that is oil resistant, durable and lightweight.

    How do you feel? What shoes are your feet comfortable in?

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    Dec 2001
    Chicago, N/W burbs
    I like Carolina Army Paratrooper jump boots

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    Nov 2004
    Wolverine Durashocks

    I get 1 year out of them but they are very comfortable

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    What they said about Wolverines, lace em up good on wet roofs and your feet stay dry, Sears yep.....
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    Aug 2004
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    I recently purcahed a piar of Hi-Tek waterproof hiking shoes. I like them alot, they didnt need to break in, there light, and hold up well. They are also alot easier to get on and off then tall boot.

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    I loved my Durashocks, save for the steel toe part which rubbed my toes badly.
    (I got wide feet).

    Loved their grip, loved their spring in every foot step ....

    Next pair of boots I bought were Red Wings and I have them still. They outlasted the durashcoks. They still feel wonderful.

    But in comparison to trail/ hike shoes ... those hi-tek kind ... they are THE most comfortable for any sort of lengthy walks.
    Even my Red Wings get me plum tired out .... them hiking shoes are wonderful.

    Just dont drop anything an your toes when your wearing em though....

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    Nov 2000
    Eastern PA
    When I was doing duct installations I found shoes with a steel shank in the arch to be a lifesaver for climbing ladders.
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    I found my boots last much longer & I have fewer backaches if I just fork out the ducks & buy redwings.Redwings are the only boot I have ever been ablet to get a years use out of because of the way I walk.All others I wear the heels out in no time,which causes me bad lower backaches.My feet turn out a bit & I probably could have used braces as a kid but didn't have them so there you go.
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    I love durability as much as the next perfectionist, but let's face it, its a disposable world.

    Wally world has a line called Silver Wings that you can get for $10.00 a pair. Comfy when new, velcro riprap on and off. Easy to ditch at the door on muddy days. Work great for a month or so, depending on wear. When they don't feel good, get another pair.

    At %120 a year for a pair a month with no polishing, its hard to argue with the numbers. I get a new pair for daily wear, shift the old ones to backup in the truck. Shift the truck pair to 'dirty work' shoes at the house. Rotate often.

    Doesn't permit you to drop loads on your toe, just glorified tenny's, but I find em useful.
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    Jun 2004
    anyhting with a TERRA footbed

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    Nov 2001
    east kansas
    Mack boots from Target. Not comfortable, but not as bad as most. About $50.

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    Jun 2001
    I always kept hearing "red wings" "red wings". I heard it all. I gave in last year and bought a pair finally. Best boots I ever worn. I bought them last January. Thier still perfectly fine today. I aint even had to get new laces for gosh sakes. There great, durable work boots and worth every dime.

    American made too.

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    Feb 2004
    I can only speak for boots, because that's all I ever wear. The cheapies only last me about 3 months. The Redwings are good for about a year. Then I bought some Ariat Hermosa ones that are more comfortable than anything I've ever had, and they last close to 2 years. Cost $159.

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